Oneflare - The Quickest Way to Hire Trusted Local Services

Oneflare makes it easy for the average household in Australia and the UK to connect with a trustworthy and recommended trades person.

Their focus is really clear, delivering exceptional experiences to their customers through competitive quotes, finding qualified trades people whilst saving both time and money.

Oneflare were looking for the right payment solution, who they knew could provide an affordable rates and exceptional customer service. They also needed something that could be portable, as the trades people commissioned for work through the online service travelled to their clients to complete jobs.


credit cards being waved in the air

A seamless, beautiful payment experience, mobile and as quickly as possible

Oneflare use eWAY’s Responsive Shared Page so that anyone, anywhere can quickly and easily checkout from any device.

This was pivotal for the Oneflare team, and they didn't want to sacrifice customer service as they tried to speed up their checkout process.

“eWAY has helped humanize payments to our customers by providing a seamless transaction and superb customer support”, comments Marcus Lim, CEO and Co-Founder of Oneflare.

Knowing the 24/7 local and multi channel eWAY team of experts were always on hand to answer any question is peace of mind for a growing business in a culture of constant home and workplace improvements.

eWAY has helped humanize payments to our customers by providing a seamless transaction and superb customer

Here’s What Makes It Work

Every eWAY customer has unique wants, needs and priorities. For Oneflare it’s eWAY responsive design, reliability, and ease of use which is paramount to a successful partnership.

Great, on every device

Oneflare implemented eWAY’s Rapid Responsive Shared Page product to give their customers a beautiful checkout experience across all devices.

MYeWAY for business intelligence

Oneflare access their MYeWAY for powerful reporting and vital business intelligence.

SSL Security

Oneflare use SSL’s provided by eWAY to improve card data security on their site, and increase their customers confidence in using their services.

Payments on-the-go

Oneflare love the ability to process payments with a client on-the-go through eWAY’s desktop or mobile MYeWAY and iOS app.