Temando - Online Ordering and Tracking Delivers Goods Across the Globe

Temando was founded in 2009, and operates in a highly competitive industry where shifts in logistics, customer service and pricing policies can impact profit. With eWAY’s help Temando have grown their shipping aggregation solution for businesses significantly including 794% growth in the 3 years to 2014.


credit cards being waved in the air

a merchant offering that is flexible and adaptable to changing situations in their industry and the world of eCommerce

Temando was looking for a payment services provider that could work with them to bridge any performance or functional gap that might develop between the rapidly changing eCommerce industry and the logistics networks that Temando use to fulfil their customers orders.

eWAY offered us the best way to deliver on our customer promise: “One integration, multiple carriers, beautiful shipping".

Here’s What Makes It Work

Every eWAY customer has unique needs and priorities. For Temando the capability and experience in online commerce was a significant differentiator for eWAY and the proven innovation in function over time was evident back in 2012 when Temando became an eWAY customer and has continued with demonstrable product development each year since.


Temando was growing when they approached eWAY and they wanted to get their business online and setup with minimal disruptions to their service.  They were pleasantly surprised by the ease of integration and ability to thoroughly test before going live with their online offering.


Temando is at the forefront of innovation in their industry and they chose partners particularly in the eCommerce arena that exhibit the same level of passion for innovation and can execute cutting edge initiative based on global experience and expertise.


eWAY helped to remove the friction in Termando’s payment process. It was a critical success factor for Temando that their payment service provider had a robust infrastructure in terms of both hardware and software and could assure them of a high level of uptime.


Temando wanted the purchase capability to be facilitated on any device and for the buying experience to be the same. eWAY’s Responsive Shared Page functionality for device interoperability ensured their consumers got a device friendly experience when transacting with Temando anywhere in the world.