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Michael Randall

I love the eWAY solution and service, and the eWAY team are always there if needed. Since adding eWAY, we've grown revenue by over 500%.

Michael Randall, Managing Director

Since using eWAY with PayPal we've grown our online donations by over 70%. We love eWAY's smooth delivery of service. It's easy to use, efficient,and robust when in time of disasters. eWAY are able to handle a lot of volume without any fraud.

Juliette Wright, CEO / Founder Givit
Anne Briggs

My business has grown by over 50% since I've added eWAY for payments.

Anne Briggs, Account Manager / Director Solar Hot Water Parts

With hundreds of transactions monthly, we needed a simple, reliable and seamless payment system. eWAY takes care of the money so that we can focus on our products and customers.

Arron Wood, Director
Fair Dinks

The competitive price and the ease of use of the eWAY platform sealed the deal for us and made the decision to partner with eWAY an easy one.

Richard Morrison, General Manager
IMAX Melbourne Museum

I would highly recommend eWAY for their reliability and the can-do attitude they have always displayed towards assisting growing business.

Conor Woods, Managing Director Australia

Ease of use and costs were the deciding factor. Now that we use eWAY, we don't need a physical credit card machine any more. Since we signed up, eWAY has just always been there.

Rob Oerlemans, Executive Officer
Lions Clubs Australia

Our web developer said eWAY was easy to implement. It’s great being able to easily reverse or retry transactions in real time. eWAY makes day-to-day transaction management simple. Since we moved our business entirely online, sales have tripled.

Luke Faccini, Chief Monetary Officer/ An Owner
Kiley Hay

eWAY is the easy simple solution to taking CC payments, having both eWAY & PayPal gives our customers options and we've since grown revenue by over 70%

Kiley Hay, Owner Baby Carriers Australia
Bryan Moore

eWAY gives us access to credit card paying customers to help grow our customer base by over 70%. We like the ease of setting up and integration to our website. The eWAY customer interface is good and their fees are very good and affordable. 

Bryan Moore, Owner & Managing Director
Electro Sports
Danielle Shirley

Adding eWAY has had a significant impact to our business. The ease of payments in the past 12 months has added to the 60% increase in business we are seeing through the website.

Danielle Shirley, Chief Health OfficerNaturally Home

We've been with eWAY for five years now. The most important thing it provides us is convenience; it's a good system, and well set up, with good customer service.

Andrey Tyshchenko, Managing Director

it was a pleasure (and has been to date) dealing with eWAY. I find staff always go above and beyond expectations.

Kelly Browne, Project Administrator
Spring Mountain Wines

eWAY have definitely helped my business grow, and I’d have no hesitations in recommending them to anyone who is looking to expand their business online.

Greg Everett, Company Director
Box Fresh

Signing up with eWAY was a good decision. MYeWAY is so simple and easy to use. All I have to do is click and I can download reports.

Encyclopaedia Britannica Australia

Our developer had worked with eWAY before and recommended them. We also spoke with other eWAY customers and our bank - everybody said good things about eWAY. Once we signed up, they got us up and running very quickly.

Michael Sykes
Career Mums