Beagle Essential

This is what Beagle is trained for. It offers eWAY merchants a robust fraud prevention toolkit designed to protect their sales and their customers, easily and affordably.

Beagle sniffs out every transaction for signs of fraud, giving merchants the ability to easily monitor flagged payments and create rules to hold or reject them, reducing chargebacks and losses without blocking real customers.

Beagle Anti Fraud Solutions

Our range of Beagle anti-fraud options are designed to be simple, accessible and affordable for any eWAY merchant, in any industry.

For merchants who need enhanced fraud prevention at an affordable price, Beagle essential gives you more ways to screen your incoming transactions for fraud, saving you time and reducing business losses.

Rish Scoring

Beagle Essential calculates how likely a payment could be fraudulent, letting you set rules to flag transactions above a certain score so that real customers won’t be blocked by accident.

Industry-specific Rules

Set up a pre-defined fraud prevention profile tailored to your specific industry and business.

Real-time Screening

Transactions are monitored and flagged in real-time, with instant alerts sent as soon as suspicious activity is detected so you can act fast.

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