Pre-Coded PayNow Button

Want a simple one-click process to take your customers from browsing to buying?

eWAY’s easy to implement ‘PayNow Button’ can be placed anywhere on your website, and will immediately generate a secure payment window when clicked by a customer to enter their card details.

No coding required!

You can then customise it so your customers can pay via your preferred payment methods, including VISA, MasterCard, AMEX and JCB. It’s fast, simple, and fully secure. 

PayNow Button Will Benefit Your Business By:

  • Encouraging fast and easy purchases.
  • Offering easy integration that may not require a developer but still utilises eWAY’s top tier PCI DSS compliance.

Find out more about how PayNow Button works.   

Try Our Demo 

Simply enter the test ‘Card Number’: 4444333322221111, enter a generic ‘Name on Card’ and a generic ‘Expiry Date’, and experience eWAY’s PayNow Button!

Get Started In Three Easy Steps

  1. Copy the HTML Code from your merchant portal.
  2. Paste the button into your website.
  3. Start receiving payments
Important Information

As of January 2015, The Payment Card Industry (PCI) has implemented new Data Security Standards (DSS) which require merchants taking card payments to complete a questionnaire about their security practices. To use this API you must complete the SAQ – A form.

For more information please view our page on the PCI-DSS SAQ forms and speak with your website developer and/or website host. You can also chat with eWAY Customer Support Heroes if you are unsure about which form you should complete.

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