Your Trust in Our Security is Important

Security compliance matters to your customers, and it will certainly matter to your business. By partnering with eWAY, you’ll enjoy the highest level of PCI-DSS compliance on the planet.

eWAY is tier-one PCI DSS compliant, and has the same levels of data security as the largest banks in the world.

PCI DSS Self-Assessment Questionnaires (SAQs)

How to quickly & easily become PCI Compliant

The easiest and fastest way to become PCI Compliant is to use eWAY’s solutions as we’re tier 1 PCI Compliant. You can integrate to hosted solutions (such as Xero or Shopify), or in just a few simple steps integrate to eWAY’s iFrame solution.

PCI DSS SAQ Forms Required

eWAY Rapid APIs
  • Responsive Shared Page – SAQ A (14 requirements)
  • Rapid iFrame – SAQ A (14 requirements)
  • Transparent Redirect – SAQ A – EP (140 requirements)
  • Client Side Encryption – SAQ A – EP (140 requirements)
  • Direct Payments – SAQ D (326 requirements)
  • MOTO within MYeWAY – SAQ C – VT (73 requirements)
  • PayNow Button – SAQ A (14 requirements)


Legacy APIs
  • Direct XML – SAQ D (326 requirements)
  • Direct XML Stored – SAQ D (326 requirements)
  • Direct PreAuth XML – SAQ D (326 requirements)
  • Shared Payments – SAQ A (14 requirements)
  • Managed Payments Token Web Service – SAQ D (326 requirements)
  • Rebill XML API – SAQ D (326 requirements)
  • Rebill Web Service – SAQ D (326 requirements)

Seem confusing? That’s OK, eWAY has the team available to help you every step of the way. ​

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