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Akeeba is a company which focuses on designing free software and extensions for the Joomla! platform. Because of this, it has strong web tools that can help developers and webmasters manage your website. Some of these include helping you back up your entire website through to selling subscriptions to your website.

Akeeba is great if you want to start a charging digital subscriptions and membership for your website (e.g. newspaper and magazine issues, access to forums and portals). Start selling subscriptions without fuss, limits and completely cost free!

Why use Akeeba Subscriptions?

Akeeba Subscriptions makes memberships pricing and charging easy on your website. This product integrates with Joomla! to offer you some brilliant features. It’s open source and extensible with some of the handiest Joomla! plugins you could ever wish for.

With Akeeba Subscriptions, you’ll also get the tools you need to calculate tax (completely compatible with EU VAT law) and implement discounts. Best of all, all this is quick, free and easy to install.

Akeeba Subscriptions installation guide

1. Select eWAY Rapid 3.0 in the Plugin Manager

2. Enter your eWAY API Key and Password

3. Click Save

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How it works with eWAY

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