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Blackboxx utilises the most avant-garde technologies so our customers can build the most dynamic and powerful sites to replicate the vineyard experience online. Readily available to users circling the globe, Blackboxx is a web-based, turn-key wine club system that’s simple to set up and agreeable to administer. Matched with an appealing front end completely customisable with your winery’s brand to convey a flourishing social community, Blackboxx also provides impressive business intelligence and administration tools on the back end.

Reduce the administration time, cost and complexity of interacting with your customers while growing your brand and online presence with Blackboxx.

Why use Blackboxx?

Operating a business is often a time-consuming labour, so don’t burn time fulfilling orders and maximise your efficiency with Blackboxx’s batch process orders and one-off sales system. There are no installations, complicated licensing systems or CDs necessary because Blackboxx exits in a cloud, meaning any computer terminal around the world can instantly become your head office with just the click of a button.

With Blackboxx’s savvy marketing tools establish relationships with your customers with wine clubs and memberships. You can even receive feedback so you know what’s working for your business and segment your customers based on your own preferences.

Blackboxx installation guide

  1. Select eWAY as your payment method in Blackboxx admin panel
  2. Enter your eWAY Customer API Key and Password
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How it works with eWAY

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