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ClubRunner is the award-winning membership management and communication platform that has impacted thousands of service clubs and associations worldwide. Better organize your club, improve your communication and empower people to connect together, communicate online, and collaborate towards higher goals. ClubRunner today has customers in over 30 countries worldwide and offers its software in multiple languages.

As the leading software of choice for Rotary clubs, districts and zones around the world, ClubRunner also offers a solution for associations looking to manage their intake process, membership, renewals, communication, member collaboration and events through its enterprise level product.

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We’ve now made it easier to accept online credit card payments through your ClubRunner website, using eWay. Integrated with the Dues and Billing module and MyEventRunner for event registrations, you can choose when and where you wish to allow online payments, and customize payment accounts per event. Reports on ClubRunner will automatically reflect payments along with confirmation numbers, and the ability to refund online, so you don’t have to consolidate reports with bank statements anymore.

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