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Established in 2003, a wholly owned and operated Australian company, RamCity is a niche supplier of computer memory and data storage upgrade components. From the Home to the Enterprise, they have expertise and experience supplying upgrades for Macs, desktops, laptops and server infrastructure.


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RamCity wanted a hassle online purchasing system to allow customers anywhere and at anytime to self service their memory upgrade requirements. They know they are in a commodity sector and wanted a provider who would process payments in a quick and easy checkout process.

RamCity acknowledge this fast and easy process has been very important to their business success. Customers are able to purchase efficiently without any difficulties at the checkout stage. 

I don't see payments in the same way. eWAY enables our customers to have choice, security, and reliability. Where eWAY stands apart is the robustness of their service, as well as the powerful reporting.

Here’s What Makes It Work

Every eWAY customer has unique needs and priorities. For RamCity it was all about speed and the customer experience. It had to be fast and easy at every step of the purchasing process. This was crucial to stopping any cart abandonment at the checkout reinforcing the RamCity brand in a highly competitive market. 


RamCity work at the speed of memory and they wanted to work with an innovative company that could execute the agreed implementation fast and efficiently. The eWAY API offered them an all-in-one solution with advanced functionality that was proven in the marketplace and they knew would operate as expected from Day One.


When you contact RamCity by phone, email or chat, you are dealing with a real person, and a real memory upgrade expert. eWAY was a perfect fit given their similar support value proposition. When you contact eWAY by phone, email or chat you are dealing with a real person 24/7. 


RamCity wanted to work with a provider who had the highest level of PCI compliance and who would then provide the highest level of protection to them as a merchant and also to their customers. eWAY has a PCI-DSS Tier 1 compliance, which is the highest merchant level certification for a payment services provider. 


RamCity keep track of their transactions and refunds using the intuitive reporting and analysis available in their dedicated merchant portal MYeWAY. The advanced functionality in MYeWAY as well as the ability to customise reporting and reconciliation meant RamCity spend less time doing administration work and more time managing their business.