Wise Advice - So Easy, It Almost Makes Accounting Fun

Wise Advice focus on giving their clients (businesses of all sizes), well - Wise Advice. It’s the way they deliver this advice with exceptional customer service and suggestions to improve their businesses that saw them look towards a new solution - online invoicing.

To make this work, they knew they needed to partner with a credit card payments provider to facilitate the secure, fast and reliable process, whilst retaining affordable rates.

Merchant service fees and processing fees were a frequent roadblock for their Xero clients, so they were after an affordable service which meant they didn’t have to absorb pesky bank processing fees.


credit cards being waved in the air

It’s not just about numbers - it’s about people

Wise Advice make the most of eWAY’s Pay This product which is a tight integration with the global accounting and bookkeeping software, Xero.

Being able to pass on a card surcharge has been a game changer. Accepting credit card payments for invoices from any device, meant that their clients were able to smash their debtor days, improve their cashflow, and reinvest that to help grow their businesses much faster.

“eWAY has been such a great help to allow us to give our clients a really fast process to get their bills paid (and ours) in such an easy way”, says Brad Golchin, Director.

Now, Wise Advice clients can simply click the big green button on their digital invoice and be transported to a slick, fast, and secure page to pay the invoice- right then and there. This means no more chasing debtors and waiting weeks, months, and even years for unpaid bills to be paid.

eWAY has been such a great help to allow us to give our clients a really fast process to get their bills paid (and ours) in such an easy way

Here’s What Makes It Work

Every eWAY customer has unique wants, needs and priorities. For Wise Advice it’s eWAY’s tight relationship and integration with Xero, along with their payments features and affordable rates that is critical to making online invoicing a success for their clients.


Wise Advice have benefitted from eWAY’s unique and exclusive PayThis product enhancing such features as invoice surcharging, to help power online invoicing for their clients.

Xero - Accounting & Bookkeeping

Wise Advice make use of the close links between Xero and eWAY for beautiful accounting and payments synergy, ensuring their clients get paid faster - smashing debtor days.

MYeWAY for business intelligence

Wise Advice access their MYeWAY for powerful reporting and vital business intelligence through any device.

Manual Payments on-the-go

Wise Advice love the ability to process payments manually with a client on-the-go through eWAY’s desktop and mobile MYeWAY.