Zip - Running Hot and Cold

Zip Industries launched in 1962 and is a world leader in instant boiling water. Every day millions of people make use of Zip systems in homes, offices, schools, hospitals and factories.

Since going online Zip is now operating in over 70 countries across the globe.

Zip also provide instant chilled, sparkling and filtered water through their patented tap systems.


credit cards being waved in the air

An iconic Australian product opened up to the world online

Zip had a very successful Australian business. They were aware that their hot and cold water filter taps had a competitive advantage over products elsewhere in the world and wanted to leverage that into sales across the globe. However it was difficult for people and businesses to purchase the Zip products from overseas locations.

Zip leveraged the trusted eWAY brand recognition to grow their business globally. Our Site Seal is a dynamic, customisable logo which reassures visitors and maximises conversion rates.

Taking their business online has resulted in grown in the Zip sales and operations to over 70 countries.

eWAY helps us by allowing a hassle free payment solution- simple for our customers and simple for Zip.

Here’s What Makes It Work

Every eWAY customer has unique needs and priorities. For Zip it was about the greater reach they could achieve through an online business. It also enabled them to take credit card payments have them approved, processed and the money settled into their account and send the goods off to the customer in a quick and efficient manner.


Zip was new to eCommerce and wanted a partner they could trust, who would be there to support them as they transformed into an online as well as a brick and mortar company. They also wanted the minimum disruption to their existing staff and operations.


Having a 24/7 available, friendly and approachable team in eWAY has also been of utmost importance to Zip. As their business grows they know their partners in eCommerce, eWAY, are there every step of the way around the world.


With their previous payment system being "light on fraud control", after making the move to eWAY Gourmet Baskets are now confident that our anti-fraud solutions will protect their business. 


Gourmet Basket sought a payment provider that could allow all types of cards - including American Express and Diners - in one simple checkout process. This was the perfect fit, given that many of their clients are corporate groups.