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About Bloomtools

Growing business

Bloomtools guarantees to help you get more customers and more revenue by providing you with tools and strategies that get results online.

We cover all your online needs, from building a Website that you can edit yourself, to adding tools like Shopping Carts, Event Managers, Blogs and Real Estate etc, before implementing an effective Search Engine Optimisation program to drive traffic there.

Then use your Website to build your contact database and send email and SMS marketing campaigns to generate more business.

Why use Bloomtools?

Bloomtools provides you with the cutting-edge applications and marketing tools necessary to succeed in the realm of eCommerce. Expand your customer-base and discover how you can make your sales blossom with Bloomtools.

Whether you're looking to build a website, to installing tools like Event Managers, Blogs or Shopping Carts, Bloomtools has everything you need. Bloomtools even implements an effective Search Optimisation program to direct online traffic promptly and directly to your site.

Then market your website effectively with Bloomtools innovative marketing tools, so you can develop your customer database and conduct email and SMS marketing campaigns to assist in growing your business.

Flourish with Bloomtools.

Bloomtools Installation Guide

  1. Log in to the Web Console of Bloomtools
  2. Click Shop Settings
  3. Click the Payment tab.
  4. Select eWAY
  5. Enter your eWAY Customer Id
  6. Click Save

Reviews & Testimonials

“We started our SEO in May and noticed results immediately, but the 30% increase in visitors to our website between June and August was the real surprise - we just didn’t expect the SEO to start working so quickly.”
- East Coast Pipe Supplies
“Before choosing Bloomtools, we were getting 100 website hits a day, which we thought was a good number. Then we got our Bloomtools website and, in just seven months, our website traffic has risen to 1000 new visitors daily. That’s a tenfold increase!”
- Ben (Just Watches)
“As a brand new business, I needed to start making sales right away to cover my set-up costs. By getting a Bloomtools Shopping Cart, I was able to start selling as soon as my stock arrived... and the orders have been rolling in ever since!”
- Frankie and Nicole
“Before subscribing to Bloomtools’ Search Engine Optimisation Service we were spending more than $18,000 annually on web and print media. We dropped that huge expense, opted for the Bloomtools SEO and are getting better results than ever at a much lower cost!”
- AC Fitouts
“Those who don't have Bloomtools Database Marketing do not know what they are missing! Not only is the database marketing system so inexpensive, it cuts communication costs and marketing budgets. We’ve saved 60% on our marketing budget over the past three years, and are still continuing to save and generate revenue while getting results that are better than ever.”
- Sue (Exhibitek)

Key Features

  • Website design

  • Database marketing

  • Search engine optimisation

  • Shopping carts

  • Online support from your local Bloomtools expert

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