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About FoodStorm

Cook up a storm with software for production, distribution and catering needs!

FoodStorm is web based software that's been designed specifically for the food industry. Have food servicing covered from head to toe. Foodstorm will make distribution, catering and meal services sorted out.

To provide a personalised experience for your customers, let FoodStorm take care of them. You'll be able to create meal rotations for each customer and easily identify their dietary requirements and food allergies. Never take a wrong order again!

Why use FoodStorm?

If you're in the food industry, you'll be familiar of how quickly things can become disorganised. FoodStorm will sort out your production, distribution, catering and care.  FoodStorm has integrated sheduling, billing, ordering and stock control tools that will make your production and distribution process a breeze. Streamline your delivery and have reports on your driven and staff.

The catering process can be a lot of work especially if you're catering to a big crowd. Make catering stress free with FoodStorm's ordering and quoting tools, shopping cart, kitchen and delivery reports! Along with this, you'll be able to take customer service to a new level. Have personalised meal services like meal rotations, meal schedules and more!

FoodStorm Installation Guide

  1. Sign into FoodStorm and click Settings
  2. Click on the Payment settings, then click Edit
  3. Click Accept Credit Cards if it's not ticked already, then under Online Payment select eWAY from the list
  4. Enter your eWAY Customer ID
  5. Click Save.

Reviews & Testimonials

“FoodStorm, is much more streamline and less messy, and taking payments over the phone is real quick and a breeze.”
- Gary Cauchi
“We began using FoodStorm in 2007 after having had our own system built for us. FoodStorm has been much more user friendly in both the shopping cart & back end system. We process on average 50 orders a day & we wouldn’t be able to manage those orders without FoodStorm.”
- Arch Cox
“Foodstorm has been the lifesaving system for this business as we handle several orders through the Internet as well as walk-in customers.”
- Sheryl Thai
“FoodStorm is such a great system that not only can our customers get the benefits of ordering online but now also all our stores do their supplier ordering on line too allowing us to have a unified and cost-efficient system.”
- Sam Nash
“The reporting functions make planning and forecasting very easy. The Quickbooks export function is seamless and incredibly helpful, reducing further data entry”
- David Kahan

Key Features

  • Customisable shopping cart

  • Stock forecasting available

  • Production, delivery and sales reports

  • Integrated calendar

  • Integrated quoting system

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