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About Expresso Store

Intelligent, powerful ExpressionEngine Ecommerce

Expresso Store is backed by powerful infrastructure and is simple to use. 'Store', created in 2012, is built with the goal of making things simple for developers. They've adopted a simple, intuitive templates system to make editing the look and feel of your site a breeze. For most applications, you will rarely need to know more than five tags.

Clear, easy to follow documentation and examples, combined with comprehensive reporting and back-end functionality make Expresso Store the perfect choice for your next e-commerce website!

Why use Expresso Store?

Probably the best thing about Store by Expresso is their range and flexibility. Whether you want your website to be cute and cuddly, information-packed or somewhere in between, 'Store' can help you get there. Have a look at their showcase to get a sense of the design scope Expresso can provide.

With 'Store', you can generate your own workflow, with custom order statuses (separate to payment statuses) being linked to custom email templates. Though relatively new, 'store' is already in use in hundreds of web stores across the world, with many of those sites processing tens of thousands of dollars worth of orders per day. With their system your clients are put in control of a comprehensive order/inventory management process at your clients' fingertips.

Expresso Store Installation Guide

  1. Go to Store > Settings > Payment Methods.

  2. Enable eWAY

  3. Enter the tag 'payment_method="eway"' for hosted payments, or 'payment_method="eway_shared"' for shared payments, into the payment parameters code on your site.

Reviews & Testimonials

"A really superb shopping cart, great functionality without being over complicated to set up. We’ve used it on a couple of sites now and it beats the competition. Good support from the dev team too!"
- Pixsion
"I've used CT, BR and Store, Store is definitely my favorite out of them all."
- Steve Abraham
"Without a doubt the finest cart system on EE. I’ve used them all and the others aren’t a patch one Store in my eyes. As eCommerce experts, this is now our platform of choice. The support is also fantastic - I can’t wait to see where the developers go next with this one. Onwards and upwards."
- T2theC
"Store is a perfect midpoint between BR and CT. It uses all the power & flexibility of channels whilst reducing a lot of the eCommerce overhead of setup & data in a simple Store fieldtype. For the vast majority of online EE shops, Store is (IMO) the quickest, easiest & most flexible eCommerce addon."
- Andy Marshall
"I want all to know that I have had a pleasant time implementing Store, and I have found the support excellent. I started with the beta release which already covered all my needs, and subsequent releases only got better. Setting up my Store could not have been easier."
- John de Beer

Key Features

  • Process manual payments and refunds

  • Intuitive control panel

  • Software updates every 4-8 weeks

  • Comprehensive inventory and sales reports

  • Comprehensive support portal

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