All-in-One API Integration

Combining all the most popular payment solutions in a single package, eWAY’s Rapid 3.1 API also includes fraud prevention, transparent redirect, and direct connection to help developers create secure, perfectly rendered payment pages on all devices.


Direct Payments

The Direct Connection API allows for purchases to be submitted directly to eWAY from your server. This allows processing of transactions in one, simple server side call.

Since card data is passed via your server, one of the following must be used to ensure compliance with card data regulations:

  • Provide proof to eWAY of PCI-DSS compliance of the merchant's technical environment
  • Use Client Side Encryption to encrypt the card data on the customer's browser (eWAY can help you with this).

Transactions not involving credit card data (such as a recurring token payments) can be processed without proof of compliance.

Please note that Direct Connection is not compatible with 3D Secure, PayPal or MasterPass - to use these features please use Transparent Redirect or the Responsive Shared Page.

Simple JSON REST Example

Authorization: Basic (see Authentication in the API reference)
Content-Type: application/json

	"Customer": {
	   "CardDetails": {
		"Name": "Card Holder Name",
		"Number": "4444333322221111",
		"ExpiryMonth": "12",
		"ExpiryYear": "16",
		"CVN": "123"
	"Payment": {
	   "TotalAmount": 100
	"TransactionType": "Purchase",
	"Method": "ProcessPayment"

For more details, check out the documentation Direct Connection documentation

API Reference:

Direct Connection