Magento + eWAY = Success

Want the very best payment extension for your Magento store? Look no further. Magento has partnered closely with eWAY to deliver the best payment extension for both Community and Enterprise versions.

 Take advantage of eWAY's award winning payment platform to help your business grow.
Thousands of merchants all around the world are using eWAY and Magento to connect seamlessly and increase the consumer experience through features like fraud prevention and mobile payments.

Magento + eWAY = Success

Key Features

PCI Compliance and Fraud Prevention

eWAY's Magento extension uses eWAY's Client Side Encryption library to encrypt card data before the server handles it - making PCI compliance a cinch.
Through deep integration with eWAY's innovative and enterprise level anti-fraud tools, Beagle - orders will be marked as 'suspected fraud' and you can even temporarily block a user who receives a suspected fraud code.

Support through eWAY, Sandbox and Magento

Get full Magento back-office integration supporting manual orders (including using a customer saved card or saving a new card) and partial or full refunds. With any eWAY product, you get free 24/7 multi-channel and local support as well as full sandbox support for all your testing needs.

Integration and Customisation Options

  • Sell more through eWAY - Magento is now integrated with eWAY's Token Payments to allow your consumers to save their card data securely with eWAY when they checkout, making it faster and easier to repeat purchase. They only need to provide their CVN next time they checkout!
  • Check available funds before shipping goods. eWAY's extension allows an initial pre-authorisation with a separate capture of funds or a normal eCommerce transaction.
  • Supports partial invoicing when paired with pre-authorisation or token payments
  • Order line items are all sent through to eWAY - easier to reference and reconcile.
  • Never miss a sale! Shopping cart contents are retained even when orders are declined.
  • Flexibility - choose whether customers are able to edit their saved card details or if they must contact you to do this for them.


  •  Save money by reducing charge backs with global fraud protection
  •  Save time with fast and easy set up and integration
  •  Increase conversions with more payment options and faster checkout features

Integrated payment products

Take advantage of these popular payment products:

Coming Soon!

eWAY's latest update will be available in the coming weeks. With a host of new features this update makes the best Magento module on the market, now even more powerful and helpful than ever before. The update opens the Magento module up to use of a full range of eWAY's tools making running your online store easier than ever before.
With the new update you will be able to:

    Customise your checkout process with dynamic themes - to truly make your checkout YOUR checkout.

    Market your products after the sale with custom invoices - ensure your customers keep coming back and know exactly what amazing products they can't live without

Access global fraud protections - Don't let the evils of the internet get you down, let eWAY's fraud protection give you peace of mind.

Personalised reporting tools to keep track of every sale - so you can analyse your business and make it more effective than ever.