Antifraud Solutions

Beagle Lite

This is what Beagle is trained for. It offers eWAY merchants a robust fraud prevention toolkit designed to protect their sales and their customers, easily and affordably. 

Beagle sniffs out every transaction for signs of fraud, giving merchants the ability to easily monitor flagged payments and create rules to hold or reject them, reducing chargebacks and losses without blocking real customers. 

Beagle Anti Fraud Solutions

Our range of Beagle anti-fraud options are designed to be simple, accessible and affordable for any eWAY merchant, in any industry.

Beagle Lite

Beagle Lite is our free built-in fraud prevention tool activated on every eWAY merchant’s account. 

It offers a basic set of fraud management tools to keep you on top of any potentially fraudulent transactions being processed through your store.

Email alerts

Receive an email notification whenever a potentially fraudulent transaction has been flagged.

Block high-risk countries

Only sell locally? Block transactions that come from international locations that are notorious for credit card fraud.

Restrict suspicious emails

Flag payments from email domains that are difficult to verify.

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