Manual Payments

Ever needed to process a manual payment when a customer calls you or via a form?

Paper credit card forms are a thing of the past and increase your obligations as a part of your PCI DSS.

Easily and securely input your customer’s credit card details into eWAY’s easy-to-use online customer portal, MYeWAY, and process securely from any location. 

eWAY’s Manual Payments can turn your mobile or tablet into a portable credit card processor allowing you to never miss a sale.

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Manual Payments Through MYeWAY Will Benefit Your Business By:

  • Providing the flexibility to accept payments in-store, in the office, or from your call center staff over-the-phone using a single system.
  • Allowing you to take payments out of the office using eWAY’s mobile App.  
  • Reducing the level of risk when compared to paper credit card forms.

Important Information

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI) is a program that all participants in the payment value chain are required to comply with. This means merchants taking card payments are required to complete a questionnaire about their security practices.

To use this feature outside of a PCI compliant SaaS application you must complete the SAQ – CV-T form.

To understand more about PCI compliance, and cybersecurity and data protection in general, visit The Merchant Trust Initiative, speak with your website developer and/or website host. You can also chat with eWAY Customer Support Heroes if you are unsure about which form you should complete.

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