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All eWAY merchants and partners get unlimited and FREE access to the eWAY Success Community. Many eWAY merchants and partners are eCommerce experts - ask their advice, share your experiences and learn from others. Or, for help using eWAY, make use of the ever growing library of Knowledge Base article, and manage your communication with the eWAY team easily.

Join the discussion and make this a great community for your business! 

Get Answers Faster

Get answers faster

Access Knowledge Based Articles, shopping cart setup guides, product videos, and the latest product updates to help you get the answers you need so you can spend more of your valuable time growing your business.

Stay Informed

Stay informed

Easily review and update all your cases in one place. No flicking between systems or portals to get vital information of important updates. Get your personalised responses from the dedicated eWAY Support Heroes in one place.

Start the Conversation

Start the conversation

Participate or review conversation on the community forums. Get access to industry knowledge, expertise and opinions on the eWAY Success Community Discussions page. You can either review, join in existing conversations, or even start the conversation on a topic relevant to your business.

Be Part of the Future

Be part of the future

They say the best way to predict the future is to invent it yourself. Suggest on ways to improve eWAY, the industry, or general eCommerce in the eWAY Success Community. These suggestions from eWAY Merchants and Partners contribute to the development of new and improved products - we're focused on helping you grow your business.