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Beagle Fraud Alerts Enterprise

Beagle Fraud Alerts Enterprise uses ReD (Retail Decisions) to deliver industry-leading fraud prevention. Beagle Fraud Alerts Enterprise checks every transaction against a global database of card activity and for merchants integrated to eWAY’s Rapid API, Beagle Fraud Alerts Enterprise will automatically deny transactions that are suspicious.

For merchants with other eWAY products and API’s integrated into their website, Beagle Fraud Alerts will challenge suspicious transactions, allowing you to review them in your merchant portal, MYeWAY, before processing them for fulfilment.

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How It Helps You:

  • Minimise charge-back rates to maximise revenue
  • Save time by eliminating the need to manually review transactions
  • No additional integration required – Beagle Fraud Alerts Enterprise can be integrated into any eWAY API.

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What Does It Cost:

$1,900 per year + $0.40 per transaction.

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