Payment Solutions that Keep Agencies Covered

Recurring payments, ongoing changes in premium amounts, and constant administrative hassles—they all make it difficult for insurance and other financial services professionals to keep up. That’s why eWAY’s solutions for brokers and others provide the control to simply, automatically handle payments so you can get back to selling policies.

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  • eWAY makes it easy for us to process and manage payments. My developers liked working with the API and my back-office staff say their tools are very easy to use.

    Dean Van Es Managing Director Fast Cover

Broker-Ready Benefits for Insurance Providers

  1. Ensure faster payment processing by enabling mobile payment capabilities
  2. Transform the business with innovative payment methods and channels
  3. Pass card surcharges onto customer purchases via eWAY’s Xero connection
  4. Enhance security without impeding the checkout process
  5. Customise payment pages through transparent redirects and more
eWAY Mobile Products



Case Study Introduction

Fast Cover makes it easy for travellers to purchase affordable travel insurance. The company recently transformed its online payment systems from a series of inflexible tools to the simplicity of eWAY’s API and integrated management capabilities. (They haven’t looked back).

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How eWAY Fits In

  • Cash in with same day settlement*
  • Cash out as customers pay you with our pay as you go plans 
  • Insure a better result with percentage pricing that changes as you grow
  • Protect your investment with help from dedicated Support Heroes 24/7 

Join the Movement for More Personal Payments

When it comes to making payments smarter and more robust, eWAY and our partners are on the same page. Actually, we’re fanatical believers in technology that’s powerful enough to be practical, but we know it’s people—not automated processes—that solve real problems. Together, we’re changing the payments landscape. Care to join us?


Transform brick-and-mortar locations into your omnichannel 24/7 presence with proven eWAY payment solutions with enterprise fraud solutions designed for modern retailers . Always be selling.


From online donations and recurring subscriptions to new non-profit channels and streamlined processes, our people and affordable products ensure that charitable payments get to the intended cause.


eWAY partners are finding new and exciting ways to integrate our payment technologies into our products and services. If your solution would benefit from eWAY integration, we want to hear about it.