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About eCorner

Secure eCommerce Solutions

eCorner can provide an eCommerce solution for any business. A complete eCommerce solution integrated with a shopping cart (ePages) and a Facebook shop, eCorner will see your business growing in no time! Maximise your potential revenue with an online sales faculty that's open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. eCorner is an Australian company that does all its store hosting in Australia as well. They have more than 1500 customers, in Australia and New Zealand.

Why use eCorner?

ePages requires minimal technical know-how. For non-developers, this is a blessing. It has the capacity to process bookings/reservations, and to give you an overview of all your appointments, as well as all of the ordinary capabilities you would expect of a shopping cart. 

ePages operates in fifteen languages, and a whole heap of currencies. You can also apply country-specific settings, like shipping/payment methods differentiated by region. ePages also lets you sort your customers to fix prices for certain customer groups - like members, or businesses. 

The app's infrastructure also makes it easy to construct business blogs, product reviews, forums, social media accounts, and things of this nature that can boost traffic to your website. Plus, you can distribute newsletters/emails and use specials/deals to engage with your customers. 

eCorner Installation Guide

  1. Login into eCorner
  2. Go to the Merchant Settings Page
  3. Select eWAY and change to Live
  4. Enter your eWAY Customer Id into the eWAY Customer Id field
  5. Click Save.

Key Features

  • Business Dashboard widgets

  • Search Engine Optimisation Dashboard

  • Integrated Facebook Shop

  • NEW support for mobile templates

  • Integrated Social Media & Marketing

  • Portal Integration - eBay, Getprice,

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