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About Soholaunch

Soholaunch's shopping cart feature is not just a simple "pay button" kind of feature --- it's a fully-loaded toolbox for building and maintaining a complete online catalog even if you're a complete beginner to building websites (also: plenty of advanced options available that seasoned developers love)...and it's just one of the features you get with the Soholaunch Website Builder.

Why use Soholaunch?

Soholaunch includes many more features than the average sitebuilder platform, and they all complement each other. For example, you can build a page with the Page Editor and then send it to your Shopping Cart customers with the Newsletter feature.

Soholaunch Installation Guide

  1. From the Soholaunch admin tool's Main Menu, go to Shopping Cart > Payment Options and select "eWAY" as your payment method of choice.
  2. Scroll down and fill in your eWAY Customer ID, and choose whether to process payments directly on your site or send the visitor to eWAY's site for secure payment.
  3. Click the "Save Payment Options" button and you're done!

Reviews & Testimonials

"I was a little nervous when I signed up for the Ultra website with Soholaunch, mainly because I had only worked with the Go Daddy website product. After I received my login information for Soholaunch I found the site rather easy to maneuver. As a beginning web designer for small business clients, this website package was essential for me to figure out and be able to maintain. I really like the side menu bar which makes it easier to get to the different areas of the website by switching to different website pages, uploading files and photos, creating photo albums, creating forms, etc."
- Janell S.
"We have received very positive feedback about the new version of Soholaunch website builder. Our customers love the new text editor and how they can copy and paste content from MS Word without losing its format. Keep up the good work."
- Bulent T.
"I love this website builder, it is fantastic!!!"
- Gwen D.
"You guys are great!! I opened a ticket and the change was made within a couple of hours -- that is great customer service. I love Soholaunch website builder and the support is wonderful. Thanks to you all at Soholaunch."
- Cyndy P.
"The more I play with this website builder, the more I like it."
- Cliff P.

Key Features

  • Drag-and-drop editing

  • Event Calendar

  • Photo Albums

  • Members-Only Areas

  • Email Marketing

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