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    Download the official eWAY Rapid 3.1 module from the WooThemes store
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About WooCommerce

Woo your WordPress with WooCommerce

Make your WordPress website an eCommerce store with WooCommerce technology. Our extensive range of WooThemes will make your creative senses tingle and give your website the perfect touch of personality. WooCommerce is easily integratable with eWAY and fully supported by WordPress allowing it to deliver high quality and trustworthy products.

Why use WooCommerce?

Strength & Flexibility - WooCommerce is highly robust and malleable, built upon WordPress functionality with a huge range of hooks and filters to fulfill any developers wildest dreams.

Customisable - Your business will be completely customisable when you use WooCommerce. We offer you a huge range of themes or you can build you own using our shortcodes and widgets. We give you a blank canvas and paint and the rest is up to you.

Smart Dashboard Widgets - Complete overarching management capability allows you to oversee and direct incoming sales and reviews, stock levels and general store performance from our WordPress dashboard.

Features - WooCommerce is proud to say we have more features than there are grains of sand in the sea...well almost. Visit our website to see just how close we get!

WooCommerce Installation Guide

  1. Purchase the eWAY gateway add-on plugin from WooThemes and upload to your site
  2. Activate the extension through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Navigate through the WooCommerce section in your Admin panel to WooCommerce > Settings > Payment Gateways.
  4. Click Install module
  5. Enter your eWAY API Key and Password and select the card types your account can accept.

Reviews & Testimonials

“The combination of WooThemes and WooCommerce has undoubtedly helped us build a strong keyword affiliation in a very short time period, which has ultimately increased our conversion rate.”
- Jersey Basement
"WooCommerce has really changed the way we do business because it allows us to be both a news platform and a store in one single place."
“Out of the box, everything worked as it should. Installation was a snap. Configuration took no time.”
- Copyhackers
"Now with the site using WooCommerce we’ve almost tripled the amount of products we sell and feel confident in listing more."
- African Cartel

Key Features

  • Ability to host promotional flash sales in real-time

  • Generate discount coupons for your customers to help with special promotions

  • Product reviews from your customers

  • Automatic up-sells and cross-sells

  • Intuitive order management suite

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