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About WP eCommerce

The most popular eCommerce plugin for Wordpress

WP eCommerce is the most popular plugin for WordPress. With over 2 million downloads in the past 5 years, the WP eCommerce is free, robust and fully functional. WP eCommerce offers a vast range of powerful, matured and industry relevant features to suit the majority of users needs on a global scale. Our innovative products are able to be integrated with eWAY, extremely easy to use and can be downloaded and used straight away to create a beautiful and successful online shop. 

Why use WP eCommerce?

WP eCommerce is the main plugin for WordPress and can be easily integrated with any WordPress theme. The plugin also offers one-page checkout technology, SSL security support, guest account checkout, full tax and shipping estimates and fully customisable checkout pages through your own HTML and CSS capabilities.

WP eCommerce also boasts the most features and capabilities of any store plugin, to visit the extent of our products visit our Premium Plugin Marketplace page. WP eCommerce also offer complete catalog management and catalog browsing functionality and a wide-range of support through our video tutorials, online documentation and support on our free community forums. These features are just a taste of the broad range of benefits WP eCommerce can offer you, visit their website to find out more.

WP eCommerce Installation Guide

eWAY Rapid 3.1 is available with the Gold Cart plugin

  1. Install Gold Cart plugin as any other regular WordPress plugin
  2. Navigate to Settings -> Store -> Payments
  3. Enable eWay gateway then click Settings
  4. Enter API Key, API Password and Encryption Key

Reviews & Testimonials

"WP eCommerce is an awesome WordPress plugin to work with. The Instinct team has made it highly extensible and they follow the WordPress theory of feature as a plugin first, core second. Because of that, the feature set for WP eCommerce is almost limitless. Go forth-- use, build, extend!"
- Justin Sainton
"I consider myself lucky to have found the WordPress E-Commerce project. After reviewing all of the other alternatives to date, WPEC WP eCommerce is still the leading innovator in this space. With hundreds, if not thousands, of people making careers out of working with it and hundreds of thousands of store fronts making millions of dollars - there is no other project with the momentum that WPEC WP eCommerce has."
- Zao Web Design

Key Features

  • Easy to install WordPress Plugin

  • Works with any standards compliant WordPress theme

  • Flexible coupon/discount pricing rules

  • Product specific sales

  • Support for multiple currencies

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