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About Xero

Beautiful accounting software

Xero is an integrated and comprehensive system with a focus on processing customer payments in the fastest, easiest way possible. Rather than handle payments through flimsy paper bills, the system allows you to process payments through an up-to-date online invoice, and efficiently keep track of your business records. This is an ideal way to skip chasing cash, and concentrate on flow! 

Why use Xero?

Xero is all about minimising uncertainty, and maximising efficiency. Chasing overdue invoices is time-consuming, stressful, and costly for your business. With Xero's Online Invoicing, you know exactly where your customers - and your funds - are at.

The integrated system allows you to connect directly to your customers by producing and sharing a live invoice online. Not only do you give customers ready access to an accurate bill, but also the capacity to securely "Pay Now" into the invoice itself. The Pay Now button means they can start and end the process in just one click.  So, customers pay you faster, and you get paid instantly!

With Xero, managing your finances becomes a simple, transparent process. Online Invoicing means you'll be able to oversee invoice status and have accurate record of bill payments.

By making the payment process clear and hassle-free, the system makes your business records accurate to real-time - that is, after all, the way online shopping should work! 

Xero Installation Guide

Part 1:
  1. Log in to MYeWAY
  2. Select Settings > PayThis Settings
  3. Click Authorise > This will redirect you to Xero > Click Approve > You'll be redirected to eWAY
  4. Set your payment account and your surcharge account. Please note: If you are passing a surcharge to your customer, ensure your surcharge account is NOT linked to a bank account.
Part 2:
  1. Log in to Xero
  2. Click Settings > General Settings > Invoice Settings
  3. Click the Payment Services button located at the top of the page.
  4. Click Add Payment Service.
  5. IMPORTANT - Please Select CUSTOM PAYMENT URL - Do Not Select eWAY.
  6. Enter the name: "eWAY", and copy and paste one of the below "Custom URL" before clicking save.

    For AU, NZ or ASIA Merchants, please enter the following "Custom URL" into Xero.

    For UK Merchants, please enter the following "Custom URL" into Xero. 
  7. In Payment Services, click Edit on your newly created eWAY service > Invoice themes
  8. Select the template you would like to apply PayThis to.

Congratulations you've plugged eWAY into Xero! Time to test an invoice and make sure everything is filled in correctly.

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Free 30 day trial - No credit card required!

Reviews & Testimonials

"Xero has really cut my accounting time by 80%. It gives me goosebumps thinking about all that extra time I have."
- Bridget Labus (Retail)
"The story we're now able to view through Xero is giving us a lot more information than just numbers."
- Castaly Lombe (Not For Profit)
"Xero is often a source of inspiration – it simplifies our finances and makes a usually complicated process easy"
- Luke Pierson (Creative agency)
"George has been gobsmacked by how much time he's saved and how much it's meant to him"
- George Keo-Cohen (Landscape gardener)
"Having real-time information allows us to deal with issues immediately before they become problems."
- Tony Melhem (Franchise)

Key Features

  • Fast, automated payment process

  • Easily track customer payments

  • Real-time view of account status

  • Accessible anywhere anytime

  • Free online support

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