Provides you an online payment page to accept payment from your customers



Why use Easy2Pay?

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Easy2pay.com.au provides you an online payment page to accept payment from your customers. Easy2Pay.com.au is an easy self subscribe online secure service.

  • We allow you to build your own payment page to accept payments from your customers.
  • We allow you to customise the payment page link so that it’s easy for your customer to type or remember the link.
  • We allow you to add a surcharge to your Payment Page. You could decide what surcharge you would like to add.
  • We allow you to send and receive emails on every successful payment.
  • The payment page is mobile-friendly. Your customers could pay you from their mobile, tablet, and laptop with ease.
  • No contract. Opt-out anytime.
  • We charge low fees. See pricing.
  • We provide you a secure payment page. All data entered are encrypted when sent to the payment gateway.
  • We do not store any credit card and your customer details

Easy2Pay installation guide

1. Sign up to Easy2Pay.com.au

2. Build your payment page, get your payment page link, and enter API key and Password

3. Give the payment link to the customer or add it to your website, invoice to accept payment.