A cloud-based payment infrastructure that allowing to securely capture credit cards & store them safely.



Why use Spreedly?

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Spreedly offers a single API and secure credit card tokenisation to connect to a world of payments. Control your payment solution and manage all of your transactions in one place.

Spreedly offers you a single point of integration to 60+ gateways in more than 70 countries, or choose to integrate to non-gateway endpoints. Our clean and elegant API was designed by developers for developers to make supporting multiple gateways or endpoints as easy as possible.

We tokenize and vault your sensitive card data, and give you the flexibility of an independent PCI-compliant vault without the risk and cost associated with storing your own data. You can use our secure token system to simply and easily re-charge your customers’ cards across any of our supported gateways. Also, with our card-on-file updater you can automatically update select MasterCard and Visa cards so that you never lose business due to an expired or lost card.

Spreedly installation guide

  1. Sign-up to Spreedly
  2. Follow the steps in the Quick Start guide to set-up an environment
  3. Pick the pricing plan that best suits your needs
  4. Follow the guide to integrate Eway Rapid and how to create your Eway API key and Password

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