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About Highwire eCommerce

Multi-channel selling made easy

Highwire is a shopping cart software provider that gives merchants the option to sell over multiple channels: Facebook, eBay, Google, or their own dedicated online store. They are one of eBay's certified solution providers, having worked with them since 1999.

Highwire offer a cloud-based solution, which can save you money if you are going to be selling sporadically rather than all the time. They offer free email support and a comprehensive knowledge base for frequently asked questions.

Why use Highwire eCommerce?

Highwire have a whole heap of cool features designed to make things easy for merchants. You require minimal coding knowledge to take advantage of their service, and they make things straightforward for your customers as well.

  • Completely secure checkout - Highwire-integrated stores come with an 128 bit SSL certificate to encrypt your customer's credit card details.
  • Simple layout - With Highwire, merchants get a clean, easy to use overarching store admin network that makes managing your products, orders and customers a breeze.
  • Customisation - You can do things like give discounts for bulk purchases, order products into categories and sub-categories.
  • Reporting - You can get to know your customers, their trends, where they're purchasing from and what time they're doing it, plus a whole host of other details, through Highwire's intuitive 'Customer Manager' page.

Highwire eCommerce Installation Guide

Highwire provide a comprehensive help desk article on activating eWAY:

Accepting Payments with eWAY

Reviews & Testimonials

“Highwire is be the best option I had ever take for my site. Quick response from support after I submitted a ticket with helpful support staff And that's really important to me as a site owner. In Portugal we don't have much to choose and what I had before, staff was everything, less humble and helpful.”
- Kasefazem
"Thanks to everyone that works here! You all rock and store is now open... working very well! Thanks thanks thanks!"
- Burak

Key Features

  • Mobile friendly for customers and merchants

  • Flexible Design: use your own HTML & CSS, or their templates

  • Cloud based solutions

  • Search Engine optimised.

  • Built in customer reviews

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