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About Tribulant Software

Effortlessly powerful WordPress plugins

The WordPress Shopping Cart plugin gives you the ability to quickly and seamlessly integrate an online shop with a fully functional shopping cart into any WordPress website. You can start selling any types of products and/or services online with very little effort!

Why use Tribulant Software?

You can set up your multiple products and categorize/organize them into multiple product categories. Add additional images to showcase your products so users know what they are buying and add digital downloads to products if needed so that users can securely download paid files from your website.

With suppliers, shipping methods, payment gateways, product variations/custom fields, product inventory, affiliate products, discount coupons and many other amazing features, you can run a full featured online WordPress shop that suits your needs.

Tribulant Software Installation Guide

  1. Purchase and install the Tribulant eWAY Rapid API extension

  2. Login to your WordPress dashboard

  3. Go to Checkout > Configuration section

  4. Select 'eWAY Rapid 3.1' and add your eWAY API Key and Password to complete the connection.

Reviews & Testimonials

"When we encountered problems with our original e-commerce solution Tribulant’s WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin came to the rescue. The software lives up to its claims but it is Antonie and Kyle’s excellent support skills that win the day. Every teething problem we came across was addressed in the quickest manner. I can’t recommend them enough..."
- Jean Gratton (Retroscope Inc.)
"I am working as a professional copywriter and I run a blog for fun. I am kind of a "technique legasthenic". I start sweating, even when I see HTML-Tags. So I need a reliable and patient support team. Tribulant fits my needs - and thanks to them I can run a professional Newsletter-List and have even more fun blogging!"
- Sven Huff (Fort Vinci)

Key Features

  • Affiliate Products

  • Discount Coupon Codes

  • Multiple Payment Methods

  • Tax/Vat Calculation

  • Multiple Shipping Methods

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