Anti-Spam Policy


Eway believes that the privacy of its users is of the utmost importance, and all efforts are made to ensure that any communications from eWAY are carried out to benefit our valued merchants.

Eway uses third-party tools for all mass email campaigns, allowing users to unsubscribe should they wish to no longer receive emails from us. These tools allow us to manage our email lists and ensure that once a user has unsubscribed they can no longer be contacted. These tools abide by anti-spam laws and make all efforts to ensure that any email communication is carried out to benefit recipients.

Eway adheres to the Australian Spam Act 2003 and regularly updates this policy in response to changes set by ACMA (Australian Communications and Media Authority)

Should you receive any communications from Eway and no longer wish to do so, please unsubscribe by sending an email to

Merchant Services Agreement

This Merchant Agreement applies when You, the Customer, as defined in the above Terms and Conditions have your merchant account provided by Eway, and do not have a direct merchant relationship with an acquirer for use of the Services.

This Merchant Agreement should be read independently to the above Terms and Conditions.

Download the Merchant Services Agreement.

Fraud Alerts Additional Terms and Conditions


  1. By subscribing to Fraud Alerts, you are subscribing to the Third Party Services provided by Retail Decisions (Australia) (“ReD”), You acknowledge and accept that:
    1. The ReD Third Party Services contains copyright and proprietary materials licensed from ReD;
    2. Other than in certain specific instances, ReD disclaims any warranty of any kind directly to You, including warranties of title, performance, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement;
    3. ReD’s liability is limited to specific instances;
    4. You are required to maintain properly functioning systems and circuits to use the current release or prior release of the Third Party Services, it being understood that a properly functioning interface is requisite for the integrity of the Red Third Party Services. ReD will provide specifications for the interface between Eway and You. You are required to upgrade Your systems to a new release within one year of its publication;
    5. You are to comply with all applicable data protection laws, consumer and other laws and regulations with respect to Your (i) provision,  use and disclosure of data; (ii) dealings with the Cardholders providing Cardholder Data; and (iii) use of the ReD Third Party Service;
    6. Your ability to benefit from the ReD Third Party Service depends on the existence of a current agreement between ReD and eWAY; and
    7. Eway may terminate these additional terms and conditions in accordance with clause 13 of the Agreement.
  2. You must:
    1. perform all activities reasonably required for the installation and issuance of a certificate of installation, in accordance with instructions provided by ReD or eWAY;
    2. deliver orders to ReD via the realtime client interface or via the interface software;
    3. deliver back-end data to ReD via the back-end interface;
    4. maintain and ensure property functioning systems and circuits necessary to use the ReD Third Party Services at all times, it being understood that a properly functioning interface is requisite for the integrity of the ReD Third Party Services;
    5. maintain technical and operating resources at all times to facilitate the effective delivery of the ReD Third Party Services;
    6. refrain from deploying any risk management techniques of which ReD is unaware, such deployment being detrimental to ReD Third Party Services; and
    7. ensure that Cardholder consent is obtained at the time and point of the Cardholder request for ReD to use the Cardholder Data that is sought by Eway or You and provided by the Cardholder during the Cardholder requests, for delivery of the ReD Third Party Services.