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Making money online has never been easier with the Cart66 WordPress eCommerce plugin. Whether you are looking to sell physical products, digital products, services, or even transform your WordPress site into an exclusive membership website allowing you to sell subscription access to your content, Cart66 provides an effective, manageable eCommerce solution for your business.

Integrate your site with Cart66 and easily place physical or digital products for sale on any post or page of your WordPress website. Once installed, Cart66 blends seamlessly with the design of your site, meaning there is absolutely no need to redesign any of the eCommerce pages of your site. Indeed Cart66 gives you the power to configure virtually every aspect of your site exactly how you like it. For a developer, nothing is easier then changing the appearance of your online shop when you have Cart66: it’s just a matter of tinkering with CSS and Cart66’s shortcodes.

Why use Cart66?

Selling online has never been easier with the Cart66 WordPress eCommerce plugin. Once you have Cart66 powering up your site you can start selling a host of products and services such as electronics, digital downloads, videos, music, web hosting, legal services, collect membership fees, and so much more.

With Cart66 eCommerce is as easy as placing a product on any page or post on your WordPress website. You can set your preferred currency and even arrange taxes by state or zip code. And with Cart66’s Amazon S3 integration you can deliver your digital products quickly and efficiently, including larger files like videos or even a whole album of MP3s files.

Cart66 installation guide

The integration for this cart is provided by a third party module available for download in the Partner Portal

1. Scroll down to the Payment Gateway Settings section in Cart66 Admin

2. Select the eWAY option

3. Enter your eWAY API Key and Password

4. Click Save.

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How it works with eWAY

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