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Oscar was built from the ground up to make very few assumptions about your project, allowing virtually any part of the framework to be extended and customised. In this way, complex business rules can be captured in an elegant and cohesive way.

Why use Oscar?

  • An extensible core – any class can be overridden, replaced and extended. This is the key feature that allows any project to be captured accurately in the codebase – no work-arounds!
  • A well-designed set of models built on the experience of many e-commerce projects, both large and small.
  • Comprehensive documentation including recipes for solving common problems.
  • Extensive test suite.

Oscar installation guide

eWAY Rapid 3.0 integration is built into OscarCommerce.

1. Log into OscarCommerce Admin Panel

2. Select eWAY and then enter your eWAY API key and Password

3. Click Save and that’s it!

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How it works with eWAY

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