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Combine eWay’s secure payment processing with SimpleTix and enjoy successful online ticket sales.

SimpleTix provides eWay’s customers a turnkey electronic ticketing platform for online ticket sales. Users of SimpleTix can sell tickets from a mobile device or desktop, market the event, create customized reports and plugins to help you engage with customers and more.

Why use SimpleTix?

The solution with the lowest ticketing fees while offering the most features.

SimpleTix installation guide

SimpleTix supports eWAY as a native integration:

  1. Log into MYeWAY ​to access your Live API Key and API Password.
  2. Log into your website, go to: Settings & Options > Payment Providers > Select eWay.
  3. ​Enter in your: Live API Key and API Password (for this API User). Finally confirm your currency.

Once you’ve saved your settings make a test transaction ensuring you’ve enabled eWAY correctly with SimpleTix.

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How it works with eWAY

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