Free, open source shopping cart designed for and by users.



Why use AbanteCart?

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AbanteCart is a free, open source shopping cart designed for and by users. Free, expert advice is provided on the forum, plus you would have the opportunity to contribute to the development and evolution of the software going forward. AbanteCart is not a commercial project – it is sustained by the merchants who engage with it.

Abantecart also comes with Search Engine Optimisation capacity. This means when people use search engines to find products similar or identical to those you are selling, they see yours. It’s fun to use, with a whole heap of clean tools to help you along the way to eCommerce glory.

You will not need any programming know-how in order to get started with Abantecart. There are a whole bunch of templates that you can modify based on your specific needs. Abantecart has no limits to the amount of items you can sell on your site – they grow with you!

Apart from the fact that it’s FREE…

Simple setup With AbanteCart anyone can start selling product or service online. No special experience or training needed. If you know how to browse the web or you know how to use google or Facebook, you can manage selling products online with Abentecart. As business owner or ecommerce manager, AbanteCart is fun to use with many tools available in the control panel.

Stay the course AbanteCart’s broad base of experienced users constantly upgrade the software to grow with your business.

Quick and clean AbanteCart have the established security infrastructure necessary to provide a secure shopping experience for your customers, and to keep your site protected. Abantecart is continually monitored and upgraded to maintain security and functionality.

AbanteCart installation guide

Download the module for Eway Rapid from the AbanteCart website

Enter your Eway API Key and Password in the required fields and then click Save.

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