Fraud Protection

Protect your payments from fraud

Our award-winning fraud protection suite gives you the most up-to-date tools to fight Card-Not-Present (CNP) fraud and reduce the risk of financial loss and brand harm.

Protect your business with our fraud tools

Keep your sales and your customers safe with our easy and affordable robust fraud-protection toolkit.



Using filtering, machine learning and real-time database matching, our fraud protection is designed to detect signs of suspicious transaction activity.



You don’t need to be a tech expert to understand fraud protection. Our toolkit is easy-to-use and easy to understand.



Our range of tools help ensure a frictionless checkout experience while still blocking payments from high-risk sources.

About Eway – Global Payments

Multiple ways to screen transactions

World-class protection

We give you world-class protection with more ways to screen your incoming transactions for fraud, saving you time and reducing business losses. Our fraud protection is designed to detect any suspicious activity throughout the entire transaction process. Using a combination of filtering, machine learning and real-time database matching, we will immediately alert you of any threats to your business.

Our Fraud Lite plan is free and built into every Eway account

This means all your transactions are measured against fraud risk from the get-go, with access to vital business information and reporting.

Check out our features below.


What sets Eway’s fraud protection solution apart? Accessibility

Most advanced fraud protection products either require you to buy a one-size-fits-all plan, rely on a free, opaque background service, or force you to source a third party provider yourself.

We believe none of these solutions are good enough, providing either too little or too much complexity for small to medium sized businesses.

You can take control with a free fraud solution that can help your business.


More about cyber security

Backed by leading secure payment technology. Eway keeps you safe.

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Brad shares his experience with Eway

Brad Golchin

Our customers want to streamline the process of running a business. Eway has been a great help in allowing us to give our clients a fast process to get their bills paid (and ours) in such an easy way

Brad Golchin – Director,
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