An ecommerce web content design and shopping cart service that is built for power and performance, not beauty.



Why use Nanacast?

nanacast eway logo is an ecommerce web content design and shopping cart service. The founder of the company, Josh Anderson, has stated that the product is built for power and performance, not beauty. This is probably a fair summary. There are a lot of great functions built into Nanacast, but you will need to enlist the aid of a developer if you don’t have a bit of programming knowledge, if you are to extract maximum value from Nanacast as a product.

Just for an example, Nanacast have a feature whereby you can turn any of your pages into a locked, ‘members only’ page. This can be fantastic, since it generates a feeling of exclusivity for your regular customers, and opens you up to receiving more ongoing payments: you are creating a relationship with the customer, rather than just performing a transaction.

Hands off selling – Unlimited Sales Funnels, Upsells and Downsells, Coupons, and hassle free secure checkout processes are all entirely automated so once you put your systems in place, there is minimal ongoing maintenance to your systems necessary. Content delivery, customer management, billing and affiliate management can all be automated if you so choose.

Heaps of features – There’s no point trying to list them all here. Check them out on the Nanacast websiteto get a proper sense of all the nifty things their developers are trying in order to deliver their integrated merchants bigger profit margins.

Nanacast installation guide

Please contact Nanacast for integration details.