Tall Emu CRM

Australian built and supported CRM, that is easy to use, customise and integrates to loads of systems.



Why use Tall Emu CRM?


Using our CRM you can take people credit card details and processes payment either individually or in bulk. The CRM uses ​eWAY to process the payment securely but you the transaction and the receipts are all stored in the CRM against the customer’s data-card / record and because we integrate with Australian Accounting systems the payment can sent to your accounting system automatically.

Tall Emu CRM is built for Australian Businesses – It is locally owned and supported. Its built to be flexible and is highly customisable to support any business model or any industry. It centralises you business data, integrates with critical business systems and helps you work smarter not harder.

Tall Emu CRM installation guide

Enter your eWAY Customer ID, Username and Password in the CRM.

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