Zen Cart

Free, user-friendly, open source shopping cart software.


Why use Zen Cart?

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Zen Cart® is a free, user-friendly and open source shopping cart software. This means that the product is community based and built using code that can be viewed and amended by the public. This code is continuously adapted and enhanced by community-contributors to make Zen Cart® a great choice for a diverse range of online businesses.

Zen Cart® can be downloaded and used straight away for free! Zen Cart® is highly safe and any security risks that arise are dealt with immediately using whatever means appropriate.

Zen Cart® works under the innovative idea that eCommerce web design could be and should be conducted differently!

Shopping cart solutions don’t need to have mind-bogglingly complicated programming requirements. Shopping carts should be accessible to everyone wishing to set up a business online. Zen Cart® is made primarily to respond to user’s needs and puts the merchants and shoppers first. Zen Cart® can be installed and set-up by anyone with a computer and a vision. All you need is basic computer and web site building skills.

Zen Cart® operates a collaborative documentation project, or open cart functionality. The aim of this is to allow the community to contribute to actively developing documentation for all levels of computer-savvy developers. Eway encourages integration with open-source shopping carts and the development of additional plug-ins to broaden Zen Cart’s capability. Zen Cart® is such a versatile and impressive product even the commercial shopping cart programs have a hard time competing.

Zen Cart installation guide

Detailed instructions for installing the Eway Zen Cart plugin can be found in the Eway Community article Setting up Zen Cart with Eway.

  1. Download the Eway module from Zen Cart
  2. Install the module by following the instructions inside the downloadable zip file
  3. Go to Admin > Modules > Payment and configure the Eway plugin as prompted with your Eway API key and password (instructions for creating these are here).

The integration for this cart with Eway is provided by a third-party module available for download in the Partner Portal. Please check out the page, integrate and start receiving the benefits of Zen Cart’s innovative shopping cart technology!

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