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About Bookeo

Online booking for your virtual business.

Bookeo offers an online booking system for small and medium businesses: guided tour and outdoor activity companies, consultants and therapists who take individual appointments, teachers and schools that require online class management and enrollment tools.

Don't rely on moth-eaten diaries or endless sheets of paper to run your business when Bookeo has a comprehensive, easy solution to suit all your booking needs.

Why use Bookeo?

Bookeo is a straightforward, encyclopedic online booking system tailored for a multiple array of business models from courses to professionals. Bookeo is used extensively in over 50 countries, with someone,somewhere making a booking on our system every moment.

Once you have Bookeo you can accept bookings straight from your website, with Bookeo's innovative online booking system managing every confirmation, cancellation and even the scheduling of staff and rooms, reducing time spent in administration while maximising your business' efficiency.

Meanwhile Bookeo's sophisticated marketing tools make bookings irresistible to your customers, offering a wide range of essential marketing apps such as gift vouchers, memberships, promotion codes and so much more.

Bookeo Installation Guide

  1. Log into your Bookeo account
  2. Select Settings > Online Payments
  3. Select the Payment Gateway tab
  4. Choose eWAY from the dropdown list
  5. Enter your eWAY Customer ID, Username and Password
  6. Click save and you're done!

Key Features

  • Accept online payments and deposits

  • Offer gift vouchers, promotions, memberships

  • GroupOn/LivingSocial integration with automatic voucher validation

  • Integrates into your Facebook page

  • 2-way hands-free sync with your Google Calendar

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