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    eWAY is available as payment option within Booking Boss
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    AUD $1 per booking
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    Recurring / Billing




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About BookingBoss

Software that powers your tour, activity and attraction business

Booking Boss is more than a booking management system. Their award winning software helps people manage and more importantly grow tour, activity and attraction businesses.

Their integrated POS solution and channel manager connects customers to a broader industry, and has resulted in significant increases in sales.

With over 15 years experience in the travel industry, Booking Boss has worked hard alongside their clients to ensure they answer the industry's core requirements and to make their lives that little bit easier.

Why use BookingBoss?

Booking Boss is a robust booking and inventory management system with an integrated POS solution and channel manager.

  • Their software is dedicated to the tour, activity and attraction industry

  • Manage your inventory in real time and syndicate this information out to a number of major marketplaces including Adrenalin and Viator

  • Streamline online, phone and entry gate sales

  • Access reports in real time to better manage your business performance

BookingBoss Installation Guide

1. Select eWAY as a payment method in Booking Boss

2. Enter your eWAY Customer ID

3. Click Save

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Reviews & Testimonials

“Booking Boss has given us insight into our business that spreadsheets are simply incapable of doing and as a result has helped us grow. We’ve been working with Booking Boss for several years now and we are still saying “we can do that? That’s awesome!”
- Erin Canto
“Booking Boss is a more than just software, we consider them a partner who have not only saved us money over the years but also our sanity.”
- David Maidment
“Booking Boss has addressed our frustrations by centralising our admin, we no longer need to sit by the phone, just in case!”
- Sam Sestito
“Booking Boss allows us to manage our distribution channels from the one place, which has saved us time and allows us to report on each channel simply.”
- Meredith Baxter

Key Features

  • Upsell & cross-sell with ease

  • Mobile friendly

  • Extensive range of reporting (in real time)

  • Easy automation

  • Connect directly into distribution channels

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