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About CartThrob

Match your ExpressionEngine 2 software with CartThrob2

CartThrob2 is a shopping cart system designed specifically to operate with the ExpressionEngine2 content management system. With CartThrob powering up your site you can still use native ExpressionEngine channels to store product and order data, EE;s membership system to store customer data, and EE's template engine to display your site's content.

Don't feel restricted to just selling digital and physical products. With CartThrob you can also process donations, articles and software. Take credit-cards securely in real-time and add the latest eCommerce capabilities to new or existing ExpressionEngine2 sites. For no additional monthly fees CartThrob is available for USD 149.

Why use CartThrob?

Want to store and mange your products, discounts, coupons, and orders within standard EE channels? Avoid messy bridging apps, unnecessary duplication of content, or troublesome new interfaces for your clients to navigate.

And Cartthrob's direct integration with ExpressionEngine easily lets your online shop function with your forums, your content, wikis, and membership.

Impressed by charts and graphs? Carththrob has order reports featuring the Google Charts API available in the settings. Need the ability to fully customise your reports? Cartthrob offers standard EE channel tags to construct your own report templates to be viewed in multiple locations.

And if you run into any problems, Cartthrob has a team of loving, award-winning support staff who can assist you with all your eCommerce needs and queries.

CartThrob Installation Guide

  1. Go to the Payment Gateways control panel
  2. Select eWAY as the payment gateway
  3. Enter your eWAY Customer Id
  4. Click Save

Reviews & Testimonials

“CartThrob has blown me away with the ease of use and flexibility.”
- Nate Iler (FlipBoxStudios)
“A pleasure to use such a well thought out and well supported module”
- Liam Crean (South Pole Creative)
“Unlike other commerce solutions, CartThrob feels like EE - because it is EE.”
- Ryan Masuga (
“Cartthrob is a sign of relief compared with other ecommerce solutions. The design of it just makes sense.”
- Debra Weiss (drw Design)
“CartThrob Was An Absolute pleasure to use. Ridiculously simple”
- Jason Varga (JV Designs)

Key Features

  • Looks like your site

  • The features you expect

  • Payments and shipping

  • Expandability

  • Promotions

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