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    Configure with eWAY Customer Id, after selecting eWAY from the list of payment processors
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About CATALooK.netStore

An accessible, powerful shopping cart and renting/letting system

Maximise your success with CataLook.netStore, an award winning, reputable eCommerce solution with a wide array of innovative and sophisticated features and applications to equip your online store. With all the necessary tools required to build a powerful eCommerce store as well as a feature rich rental system and a wide range of business models within one central application you have everything you need to build an accessible, attractive and easy to use online store for your customers.

And by listening to our customers' feedback and suggestions we are constantly alert to the latest innovations and developments in the eCommerce sector, making sure our customers have the best tools and applications available to keep ahead of the competition.

Why use CATALooK.netStore?

When we built CATALooK.netStore we took into account all the essential tools necessary to create a powerful eCommerce store as well as a renting system. And we included many business models in the one application to fit all online merchants regardless of size or shape. Additionally we have taken the feedback and suggestions from our customers to constantly improve and adapt our shopping cart system for the competitive eCommerce sector.

With CATALook.netStore powering up your site you can provide your customers with an array of innovative and sophisticated tools such as Product Catalogues, Media Galleries, Product Configurations. We also offer our customers complete support via email and a free 1-year update service. And with our individual programming services we are happy to tailor our software to perfectly match the configuration of your business.

So try out CATALook.netStore's free trial today, or check out our test store, and discover how you can unlock your business' potential.

CATALooK.netStore Installation Guide

  1. Select eWAY from the Payment Processor list box
  2. Select Payment Type > Credit Card
  3. Enter your eWAY Customer ID into Id field

Key Features

  • A powerful, multilingual, search engine optimised eCommerce store and renting/letting system

  • Add an unlimited number of product options and option selections for each of your products

  • Fully customisable design & layout

  • Allows multiple product providers (vendors) to share a single store for selling their products

  • Product and cart based percentage and fixed amount discount coupon codes

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