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About CheddarGetter

Simplified subscriptions and recurring payments

Here at CheddarGetter we have one purpose: to make the simplest, most versatile and potent recurring billing system available so managing your customers is as easy and painless as possible. Organically developed by a small team of experienced developers, CheddarGetter offers an end-to-end billing system that expands as you expand.

We pride ourselves on the fact that every new customer who joins us does so because of the power and reputation of our product and services, and not because we threw a gross amount of marketing dollars in their direction. We're a company with vision and drive, just like you, and we're always looking for new opportunities.

Why use CheddarGetter?

It's difficult to get started, to take that first tentative step on an exciting new adventure. Whether your experiencing growing pains or looking to expand, CheddarGetter has the solutions you need to jump ahead of the competition and continue looking into the horizon. Starting an online business doesn't have to be excruciating when you have CheddarGetter relieving you from the pain of billing and customer management, so you can focus on the core of your business.

There's no one better than CheddarGetter when it comes to providing customers with fully-customisable payment options so you can micromanage your billing and charge aggregation plans. Why not try out CheddarGetter's fully-manageable, easy-to-use billing and recurring subscription management system so you can accept more types of payments from your customers?

And with CheddarGetter's powerful analytic tools you can keep tabs on your business, with precise information on what's selling, who your customers are and how they're paying.

CheddarGetter Installation Guide

  1. Navigate to Configuration > Gateway
  2. Enter your eWAY Customer Id into the Customer Id field
  3. Click Save

Key Features

  • Recurring billing

  • Multiple concurrent billing

  • Set your frequency

  • Price increases and decreases

  • Active pricing plan modifications

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