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About ciCART

Innovative Content Management Systems and Website Design

Customised shopping cart solution as part of a Content Management System (CMS) solution (or stand-alone). Powerful features, completely customised for your needs by Creative Intersection's team of business consultants, designers and developers.

Why use ciCART?

Managing your products has never been easier. By viewing the snapshots to the left, ciCART: shows how easy it is to manage your products online. You can upload images, pdfs or even as far as executable or flash files to allow users to view your products. If you can think of it, ciCART: can take care of it.

As you can see, managing new and current products doesn't need to cause headaches and numerous hours trying to update all the details. Each product has a navigation bar to allow easy access to a product's details such as its pricing or even the information about the product like its dimensions and descriptions.

Adding new products or deleting old products isn't a problem for ciCART:. Add and delete to your heart's content and re-sort the products as necessary to ensure your inventory is up-to-date.

ciCART Installation Guide

  1. Select eWAY as a Payment under Gateway Settings
  2. Enter your eWAY Customer Id and Save.

Key Features

  • Flexible structure, unlimited menu depth (Notional/Gateway pages)

  • Graphical buttons generated "on the fly" (e.g. menu buttons on this site)

  • Search Engine Friendly structure/naming conventions

  • RSS feeds (in/out; across multiple websites)

  • Complete design flexibility

  • Version control

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