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    eWAY integration is built into ShopFactory.
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About ShopFactory

Complete eCommerce solution and shopping cart software with responsive website builder.

ShopFactory 8 all-in-one shopping cart software allows you to create and manage your own online business. Our easy to use technology allows you to manage your store successfully and securely online. With ShopFactory there is no installation required. Just publish your shop to the Internet with the integrated publishing tool and start accepting orders immediately.

With ShopFactory you build and maintain your shop on your own computer. Don't be bogged down by your Internet connection. ShopFactory lets you continue to work at your speed, even when your connection slows down. And super-fast publishing means getting your website our website updates online won't hold you up, either.

Why use ShopFactory?

ShopFactory can offer you a wide range of products for your dream online store. There is no limit on the size of shop or website you want to create, every option is open to you! Best of all, you will have complete control over your products as ShopFactory integrates with all popular accounting and management systems.

ShopFactory's powerful website editor can create any design or adopt a funky template at your command, it can sell products and services online to everyone or a select group. When you sign on with us you will also receive free unlimited support and free secure order processing.

ShopFactory Installation Guide

  1. Open your shop in ShopFactory
  2. Click on Properties -> Payment Methods Accepted
  3. The payment providers list shows up, enable the payment you want by ticking it in this case, tick "eWAY" option
  4. Click Next
  5. Enter your eWAY merchant account details
  6. Make sure you select the currency that matches ShopFactory, once set it cannot be changed in your Total Care account
  7. Tick the card types under eWAY's supported Payment Methods that you want to enable in your shop.
  8. Click Next
  9. Click Finish
  10. Save and preview your shop. Place a test order.
  11. Republish your shop so that the changes are uploaded online.
Your shop can now accept online orders with eWAY!

Reviews & Testimonials

"While we knew that ShopFactory was supposed to assist in generating SEO, we were amazed to see that just through our constant updating of our site and various cross promotions that our site is now No.1 in Google search engines."
- Stacey King (
"Forgot to mention, if you ever need me to give testimonials to your software, I will be glad to offer one. Your shopping cart software has seen my business go from zero to over $1 million turnover in just a few years!!! From a very happy customer."
- Warren Welsh (Cleaners Supermarket)
"We are a small family run business. My husband and I both work on the computer. Even he uses ShopFactory with ease, which is saying a lot as he is a painter by day. This is first shopping cart he is prepared to work with, the others we tried before were a hassle."
- Rose Elliot (
"ShopFactory 8 is unbelievable! We added a product to our webshop last night and it was number 1 in Google only 8 hours later!"
- E.Berghuizen (pinballwizard)
"Thanks to ShopFactory ... we have grown from a start-up business with 'no money' to a thriving nationally known online business in Canada. We continue to grow each year by 60% or more with our sales."
- Robert Parsons,

Key Features

  • Faster and easier. Create a complete website including e-commerce functionality with point and click ease.

  • Integrated CMS system for simple management of website content and product data.

  • Large number of new and professionally designed website themes can be customized with point and click ease. No programming required.

  • Internal search function in ShopFactory - search by many different page or product attributes.

  • Patented security prevents fraudulent manipulation of order details, such as a customer changing a product price.

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