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About TomatoCart

An innovative shopping cart

TomatoCart is neither a fruit nor a vegetable, it's an open source shopping cart that's designed to help you sell all types of products. TomatoCart has over 64,000 customers in over 50 different countries. It's completely user-friendly drawing inspiration from the experience of a desktop operating system. Multi-task with multiple module windows and more!

TomatoCart is backed up by a wonderful and large online community which means, you can get access to help and support with ease and implementing new changes is easy with their modular framework.You can test out their demo version online.Relish this opportunity!

Why use TomatoCart?

TomatoCart has a wide range of features that many other shopping carts lack. This includes SEO optimisation, having an integrated emailing system, web analytics (Piwik). TomatoCart was built on a lightweight framework so you have less trouble integrating it with your servers (it's even compatible with php5.1.6).

With TomatoCart's innovative mobile solutions, your online store can be more flexible than ever. TomatoCart has the expertise and foundations that can grow your business and boost your business profile in the market place. Join the online community today!


TomatoCart Installation Guide

  1. Please go to Payment Modules under the admin > Modules

  2. Install eWAY and add your eWAY Customer ID

  3. The website is now set up with eWAY as real-time credit card processing

Reviews & Testimonials

"TC's front end is feature rich yet incorporates typical yet expected user behaviour with flawless backend scripts, while any eCommerce solutions does have a learning curve, the steep on this "cart" is incredibly SMALL. End users and dev's can relish in the distinctive ease of use. Long story short, I WILL be recommending TomatoCart to any and ALL of my future eCommerce clients!!"
- Boxerworks
"TomatoCart has brought about a completely new era in OSC carts. Functions AND aethetics work hand-in-hand..."
- Kerry Watson (Practical Ecommerce)
"This CMS presents a new vision for management of e-commerce site... Very complete and simple to operate especially handy, CMS can be very useful for novice websites. Nevertheless it will be equally interesting for more experienced to discover a new type of CMS."
- Sticule (
"I was wondering why anyone is using Ext for such environments... and at last! Nice to know there are alternatives..."
- Kiss web design

Key Features

  • Integrates with mobile technology

  • Management your catalogue and products

  • Easy checkout process

  • View statistics and reports

  • Complete marketing tools

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