Xero is a comprehensive, integrated system with all the time-saving features you need to grow your business. Improve cashflow and get paid quickly with up-to-date online invoices. Keep track of your business records and overdue accounts on the Xero Dashboard. eWAY has partnered with Xero to make reconciliation of invoices and settlement of funds easier than ever before – with the XERO eWAY Feed.

Why use Xero?

Xero is all about minimising uncertainty and maximising efficiency. Chasing overdue invoices is time-consuming, stressful, and costly for your business. With Xero’s Online Invoicing, you know exactly where your customers – and your funds – are at.

The integrated system allows you to connect directly with your customers by producing and sharing a live invoice online. With Xero, you will have a record of every time your invoice is opened – no more “lost invoice” excuses.

eWAY’s PayThis Add-on for Xero makes it easier for your customer to pay you – with just one click! Customers can pay using any device, anytime and anywhere, using all major credit cards, as well as PayPal, Social Payments, MasterPass and Visa Checkout. With PayThis, you can set and pass on credit card surcharges to the customer, maximising your profits!

The Xero eWAY Feed can save you hours and hours of manually matching transactions with the different amounts in your Xero account. On a daily basis, Xero will import the details of your eWAY transactions that are linked to your online invoices. This will mean you’re able to quickly and easily reconcile all of your settlements with automatic linking back to your Xero invoices and statements. Taking advantage of eWAY’s seamless integration with Xero can be done in just a few clicks.

Customise invoices with your company design and logo. Streamline your workflow by creating recurring invoices, and schedule bill payments to invoice groups of customers with one click! By making the payment process clear and hassle-free, Xero gives you everything you need to grow your business!

Just like eWAY, Xero provides you with 24/7 support. Xero’s integration with eWAY ensures you have everything you need to manage your invoices anywhere you take your business with Xero’s mobile app.

Xero installation guide

Part 1:

  1. Log in to MYeWAY
  2. Select Settings > ​Xero Settings
  3. Click Authorise > This will redirect you to Xero > Click Approve > You’ll be redirected to eWAY
  4. Set your payment account and your surcharge account. Please note: If you are passing a surcharge to your customer, ensure your surcharge account is NOT linked to a bank account.

Part 2:

  1. Log in to Xero
  2. Click Settings > General Settings > Invoice Settings
  3. Click the Payment Services button located at the top of the page.
  4. Click Add Payment Service.
  5. IMPORTANT – Please Select CUSTOM PAYMENT URL – Do Not Select eWAY.
  6. Enter the name: “eWAY”, and copy and paste one of the below “Custom URL” before clicking save.
  7. For AU, NZ or ASIA Merchants, please enter the following “Custom URL” into Xero. https://secure.ewaypayments.com/sharedpage/invoicepaymenthandler/PayThis/Xero?shortCode=[SHORTCODE]&invoiceNo=[INVOICENUMBER]&currency=[CURRENCY]&amount=[AMOUNTDUE]
  8. For UK Merchants, please enter the following “Custom URL” into Xero. https://secure-uk.ewaypayments.com/sharedpage/invoicepaymenthandler/PayThis/Xero?shortCode=[SHORTCODE]&invoiceNo=[INVOICENUMBER]&currency=[CURRENCY]&amount=[AMOUNTDUE]
  9. In Payment Services, click Edit on your newly created eWAY service > Invoice themes
  10. Select the template you would like to apply PayThis to.

Congratulations you’ve plugged eWAY into Xero! Time to test an invoice and make sure everything is filled in correctly.

How it works with eWAY

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