Xero + eWAY 
Making Payments & Accounting Simple for Businesses.

Faster growth, easier payments and no more manual reconciliation.  What every small business owner wants.  
And, with eWAY and Xero you can achieve this.  Simply.


eWAY and Xero

H​ere's What You Get:

Xero’s beautiful accounting software is pre-integrated with eWAY’s innovative payment solutions.
When businesses use them together, they benefit from seamless business backend operations. It’s a marriage made in small business heaven

eWAY allows you to get paid anywhere   

Get paid anywhere, anytime

On the go, in the office, online.

eWAY allows multiple payment options   

Multiple payment options

Your customers can pay by American Express,
Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club... and more. 

eWAy allows automated processes   

​Fast, automated payment process

No accounting or technology skills required.

eWAY means you get paid fast   

​Get paid fast

​No waiting around for the cash to land in your account. eWAY's settlement times are cash-flow friendly.

eWAY - easily reconcile invoices   

​Easy tracking

Easily track customer payments and reconcile
them to invoices.

eWAY - streamline with Xero   

​Streamline your workflow

​Create recurring invoices and schedule payments to groups of customers, with one click.

pass on surcharges with eWAY and Xero   

Easily add surcharges

Want to add surcharges for credit card payments?
No problem. It's built in. 

support from real humans - eWAY   

​24/7 Support

eWAY's famous 24/7 support from REAL humans, here to help you every step of the way.


We're committed to working together to ensure our respective and collective technologies assist customers to grow their businesses.

How does Xero + eWAY Work?

Combine the powers of eWAY and Xero to smash your receivables days and get paid faster.
eWAY's Xero features include PayThis - an easier way to get paid faster, and the Xero-eWAY
Bank Feed - making reconciliation easier than ever before​.



eWAY's PayThis Add-on for Xero makes it easier for your customer to pay you - with just one click! 


  • Your customers can pay using any device, anytime and anywhere, using all major credit cards, as well as PayPal, Social Payments, MasterPass and Visa Checkout.

  • With PayThis, you can set and pass on credit card surcharges to the customer, maximising your profits!

  • As soon as your client receives their invoice all they need to do is reach for their credit card and pay. It’s as simple as that.

  • Pre-integrated, you add the Pay This Button to your invoice, and the technology does the rest.

  • After the payment has been confirmed, eWAY will make sure the funds hit you fast with our same day settlement*.



​Save hours of manually matching transactions on your bank statement with your Xero account.
It’s so simple. 


  • With credit card options it’s never been easier to pay an invoice, and with Xero eWAY Feed it’s never been easier to automatically reconcile those payments.

  • Automatic reconciliation of invoices and settlements will save you time and money.

  • Every day, Xero will import your eWAY transactions and reconcile them in your Xero account. Your accountant will love that.

  • Taking advantage of eWAY’s seamless integration with Xero can be done in just a few clicks.

  • Xero eWAY Feed puts you back in the driver’s seat. You can concentrate on growing your business. Not tedious hours spent on bookkeeping.


We have loads of clients using Xero & eWAY together and the integration is so seamless, we don't even notice they're two separate programs.

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Your customer service is awesome - it made Xero setup super easy!

Zoe RouthInner Compass

eWAY allows us to give our customers a really fast process to get bills paid (and ours) in such an easy way.

Brad GolchinWise Advice